Saturday, August 4, 2012

Miso soup for the vegetarian soul...

Seriously?  I just played a video game for seven hours straight?

This is actually very tasty, vegan-friendly and very cuddly when you have a cold.

So, I played Civilizations IV (With the expansion pack!!!) for... seven hours.  And I did amazingly well.

Apparently the levels of "zoned" I become with a major headcold jived really well with a very simple RTS like Civilizations.  (I played as Pharaoh Ramses.  Beat 50,000 points and managed to take over the world in 1750 AD.  I had tanks when other people had longbows.)

Also watched seasons 5 and 6 of the "new" Futurama (better than most people suggested... I really liked them, especially "Reincarnation.")

I'd feel bad about it but... I really don't feel well at all.

Great excuse to go back to my plans of world domination... bw-ha-ha-{cough!-hack!-snort!}-haaaa...