Saturday, September 1, 2012

Music Videos

Every once in a while I'll stay up late and watch music videos on the 'net.

And every time I do I find myself going "Till Lindemann is gorgeous."  Every.  Time.

(Lindemann was a swimmer pegged for Moscow, btw, before he was in Rammstein.  Also, I don't care what anyone says: German is a beautiful language.  So is Danish.  So is Polish.)

Some videos popular while I was in Europe...

Robbie Williams, Rudebox (WTHeck is this about?  Got me.  I never understood the whole Robbie Williams thing, but I actually like Rudebox):

Freaking loved this... Destination Unknown cover.  Hilarious, and was enormous beyond measure with teenagers in Europe:

Another '80s cover that was huge, Call on Me:

Another Eurotrash single... Sean Paul (not to be confused with Ron Paul):

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