Saturday, September 1, 2012

How did the behavioralist get rid of the monsters under the bed?...

...He sawed off the bed's legs.

I have realized that all my obsession with "the human brain isn't ready for the internet" is really "No, my compulsive little monkey brain isn't ready for the internet."

So, getting a new apartment.  And, among other things that the apartment won't have, it won't have... internet.

That's right.  I'm busting out of The Matrix.  Flipping the bird to Skynet.  And so forth.

As far as work, it won't be a problem.  There's a coffee shop two blocks away with WiFi.  I can go there and do what I need to do.

But I came to the conclusion that while I can, in fact, control my internet behaviors at work (partially because I can make myself believe that my internet behaviors are supervised there), at home it's still a problem.

So, rather than reading Wikipedia articles on... well, let's not go into that...

Both above are XKCD, AKA "I am not alone" comics.
...I will be doing traditional, normal, human things.  Like... sleeping.

While hardly a cabin in the woods, it's at least a partial solution.



  1. So you CRUSHED the monster with the bed. Did you give it fair warning?

    1. Pbbt. Haven't you seen Monsters Inc.? I just need the portal closed sometimes. :-)