Sunday, July 29, 2012

US Women's Soccer - WOOT!

Yes... yes I'm sneakily using sex to get you to read about women's sports... bwhahaha...

That beautiful back and bottom belong to Sydney Leroux ,one of the forwards for US women's Olympic soccer team.  Now who wants to watch women's sports?

I was out hiking in Denali yesterday so I didn't see the Colombia vs. US match for women's soccer.  (Okay, I also don't have a TV so it makes it hard to watch in general.)

But I checked how we're doing, and the answer is "awesome":

Not only did we win the game 3-0, Columbia tried to knock us out by giving Abby Wambach a black eye.  No joke.

Abby Wambach's photo in ESPN's Body Issue.
So far we are schooling, and top in our group - Group G, with France, Columbia and North Korea:

So, keep your fingers crossed.  We have three Olympic golds in women's soccer.

Mia Hamm.  One of the great US Women's soccer players and a genuinely cool sports personality.  


  1. SEX to sell. I'm SHOCKED.

    Tough luck, Chris - I would have come here without the sex. So there!

    1. :-D Horrifying!!! Somewhat less ironic than using sex to sell soda, though. :-)

  2. Love the lures but the content rocks even more! Here's to US Women Olympians!!!!

    1. WOOT lady athletes! Like I say in the post, I don't have a TV, but my favorite Olympic sports to watch are all women's competitions: soccer, gymnastics, judo... and figure skating. Played soccer and did judo as a kid. Gymnastics and figure skating are just cool.

  3. I know more about women's figure skating than I want to, the influence of my last TWO romantic relationships. Yeesh.
    But I can have a cogent conversation about why the 6.0 scoring mechanism sucked, so there is that.

    1. So... why does it suck?

      And what haven't you dated?!?! :-D Two figure skaters, someone 16 years your junior... I'm waiting for "former Victoria Secret model" to show up on the list! :-D