Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perhaps this is a little weird...

I'm moving to upstate New York...

Because I have a tenure-track job!!! And my teaching evals were awesome.

So... I have very little idea what happened with my last evals. Last time over half said something like "intense" and "intimidating."

These evals say things like "enthusiastic!" "Charming!" "Made me care about rocks!!!" and "Best professor I've had at UIC!"

I did get a few "This class is really, really hard" complaints. However, I got about an equal number of "Her high expectations helped me succeed"-type comments.

And now I have a job. The contract is signed, and I'm moving.

To upstate New York. Which is weird... hard to describe why, but it is.

This might be one of the last posts on Off the Shore. I think I might be done with whatever this was. Not 100% done with blogging, but I might try something more... cheerful.

From the Wilderness,



  1. Congratulations! Upstate NY isn't the worst place to sprnd some time. :)

  2. The Midwest's loss is our gain. It's not SO weird here, is it?

  3. There is upstate and then there is upstate. We lived in Poughkeepsie for three years back in the dark ages. Rochester is nice. Lots of good places in between. Take your long johns.