Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday, and Facebook Is Lonely

I really love my church.

I really adore my church.  For Ash Wednesday, the church put up a quote on forgiveness by Martin Luther King Jr.  The focus of the sermon was Jesus's Sermon on the Mount.

After listening to the Sermon on the Mount, I realized that Lent can be one of those instances where you end up trying to be "good" but sinning twice as hard as usual.  (A little like this Onion article.)

Speaking of which, my big "lesser commandment" sin is probably breaking the commandment "love thy enemy."

I don't really have that many real enemies (I hope!)  I do, however, have plenty of people who annoy me, and I often have a hard time "letting go."

So, on this "Valentine's after Ash Wednesday" Valentine's Day, I encourage you to love your neighbor.  That's what I'm going to try to do anyways.


In other news: I dropped off Facebook last Sunday because it's a huge source of the Buddhist sin "tanha," at least for me.  I left a note hoping (in vain) that the people in my life who love me who also say "Didja see it?  Didja see my Facebook post?" would leave me alone about it.

But beyond them, Facebook's doing that weird, creepy stalker thing.  I don't know if you've ever left Facebook after using it frequently, but if you do after a few days Facebook starts asking if you're okay.  Don't you miss your friends?  And things of that nature.

It's creepy because it reminds me of something out of Screamers.

(Not the scene I was thinking of, but this scene gets the point across sans spoilers.)

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. The notion of Lent should be not just to give up something, but to take on something. Give up Facebook? Take up phoning someone, or (heavens!) write a real letter. Yes, Facebook is weird; if it weren't for keeping track of my sister and nieces, I'd quit it.

    1. Actually, I just joined my church's Card Care ministry. So way ahead of you. :-)

      One of my big problems with Facebook is all the short "propaganda" statements on really, really complicated issues. It just frustrates me. Guns, abortion, party politics, etc., cannot be reasonably reduced to a meme.