Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alaska: Land of the Midnight Sun (and my home for the next three months...)

I'm on top of the world!!!

Immaculate Conception, the church I'm attending here in Fairbanks.  Beautiful little Catholic church with a wonderful priest.

So, long time no write, but I've been incredibly busy with a variety of things, one of which being visiting with my husband.  I haven't lived with him since he joined the army two years ago.  Life with him is very different now, which is good.

He's been regaling me with war stories from his year in the infantry in Afghanistan and we've been going to the gym together every morning with a mutual military friend, as well as...

Guns!  Lots of guns!  That's me loading an M4.  Not mine, but fun.
That's me on a rainy day with one of my two guns - my .22 Savage long rifle.  Not an incredibly impressive weapon, but I've become incredibly good with rifles of all sorts including the larger ARs by practicing with it.

My handgun and Peter's handgun.  His is the Glock.
Other fun includes...

Fairbanks Auto Show!  That's a 1950 Chevy Bel Air I completely fell in love with.
As well as, like I said, piles of exercise, baking, and just hanging out.

Apparently while Peter was in Afghanistan he got a copy of a series called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which I too have become completely addicted to.  We watch a couple of episodes every night.

Other than that there's been work related things (work has followed me to the Great White North), but those are largely boring.

Hopefully as the weeks go on I'll have more time to blog.

From the Wilderness,



  1. Seems as tho you're enjoying yourself.
    And I have the damn Carpenters song stuck in my mind, thanks to you.

  2. It's been nice, thank you. Very different from what I'm used to back in IL.

    I have no idea which Carpenters song you're referencing! :-) I'm serious and a little curious.