Saturday, April 21, 2012

Les Shadoks

The caption reads "Better to pump even if nothing happens than to risk something worse happening by not pumping."

My French-born supervisor and colleague occasionally gets in the mood to show me hilarious French pop culture.  I don't speak French at all, but he either translates for me or assumes I will catch just enough to get it.

This past Friday he showed me a video of a cartoon he grew up with, "Les Shadoks," funny little birdlike creatures that were also a commentary on Cold War France.  He was a child when they came out, so he adored the cartoon; after watching a few, I can definitely understand why they may have been popular with a hip 20 something crowd in the late 1960's.

So I decided to share some fun, trippy European pop culture.

First, an exceedingly trippy, fun French children's music video, "Un monde parfait," which was huge on the German/pan-European music video channel "Viva."  You can probably guess why it was such a hit with ravers:

Another very trippy video - and one not meant for children - "Ding," by the German group Seeed:

More German fare.  I did research for a brief while in Bremenhaven as part of my position in Denmark.  Bremenhaven is a weird place.  I crossed the "John F. Kennedy Brücke" every morning to get to work.  This video is Dienen, by Ich und Ich.  It's very touching, actually:

And one more silly one... "We're German":

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