Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's Heaven Like?...

So at Bible study this morning we touched on the question "What's heaven like?"

To a non-Christian - maybe even some Christians - it sounds like a bit of a silly question.

But I love those kinds of conversations because they remind me that all life is story.

In Bible study we focused on Isaiah 60 and what it meant.  But one of my favorite answers didn't come from an engineer or an account executive.

It came after, from my dear friend Chrissy, whom I love dearly and means a great deal to me.

Chrissy's mentally handicapped, and has an IQ of about 80.  But she sometimes sees the world more clearly than most of the people I know, people trapped in the sound and fury of the everyday.

When I mentioned the question, "What's heaven like?," Chrissy immediately answered: "It has lots of ice cream."

"What kind?" I asked.

"Peanut butter cup."

It also apparently has plenty of Mountain Dew, lots of Pop Tarts (particularly the fudge kind), but not really anything made of cinnamon.  Of course, there will be cinnamon things for me, but Chrissy doesn't like cinnamon.

Is there something less divine about Chrissy's peanut butter cup ice cream than the Israelite's milk and cypress?

Chrissy is actually the source of many meditations for me.  We have the same name, Christina Marie.  We're both fairly short, thin, and have dark hair and dark eyes.

But at some point someone came along and tested us.  And my number came out very different from Chrissy's number, and so our lives are very different.

But I'm utterly confident that Chrissy knows what heaven is like, better than just about anyone.  Better than my pastors, maybe better than me.

What do you think heaven's like?  What's in your heaven?

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